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 One of our farmers is in dire need of help. For more info and to sign a petition, click here.


Growing Palestine is an organization committed to helping farmers in Palestine and the work they do to live sustainably on the land. We support them as they provide nutritious fruits, vegetables, and grains for their communities that are grown from seeds native to Palestine. The farms we work with are located in the West Bank. Another of our goals is to support more efficient water and electricity systems to improve the running of the farms and ensure their viability for years to come.


At Growing Palestine, we’re committed to farmers who invest their expertise and resources to educate others. They provide a unique opportunity for visitors to embed in the land and in what it has to offer: a singular immersion in the real world of farming.

This volunteer work is not for the faint of heart, but for those who crave a multilayered experience that requires true grit. Just imagine what we will achieve together!


Growing Palestine views education about sustainable farming as a priority, both in Palestine and among the communities that support farmers there. To that end, we offer resources and other educational materials to learn about the current agricultural scene in Palestine as well as about the efforts by many individuals and organizations and community members to enhance growing techniques and support Palestinian farmers.


You can help Growing Palestine by volunteering with us locally, or with a donation. Thank you for your help!



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